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Work at Home . . . It Can Happen

Work at home is something which millions of people achieve successfully around the globe, but for anyone who fancies testing the water and earning a little extra cash, or indeed a proper weeks wages from the comfort of their own home, it is certainly not without its pitfalls. Just type in “work at home” to any search engine and you’ll be instantly inundated with countless opportunities to earn more money than you could ever dream of by simply setting up some automated cash scheme and listening to the “kerching” of the money rolling in while you sleep. Well, that’s not working at home, that’s trying your hand at some get rich quick scheme, or should it be “get rich quick scam” ‘cos the only person who is likely to rake in any money at all is the person who is persuading you to part with not $199 (the usual price of this fabulous work at home opportunity), not even $49.99 but the amazing one time only price of $19.99 including around $349 worth of free gifts. Yeah, right!

Real Work at Home Opportunities

There are many real work at home opportunities out there, with “work” generally being the biggest clue as to what’s involved – working. Many of these work at home opportunities involve the Internet, although it doesn’t necessarily follow that you need to be completely clued up to the ins, outs and workings of your laptop!

For starters you can bet that if you have to pay for the job, then that’s very likely to be the only money which ever changes hands in that particular “working relationship”. You don’t have to pay for the privilege of being involved in real work at home opportunities, they should be paying you!

    • Work at Home with Data Entry – Data entry work is pretty simple, just about anybody with an internet connection can do it, so although there are opportunities to earn money doing data entry work at home, the chances are that your remuneration won’t be very spectacular. You could end up working very long hours for very little payment, but hey, you never know what it might lead to and it’s definitely worth taking a look at.
    • Work at Home with Affiliate Programs – if you’re a little bit more internet and writing savvy, then there are thousands of affiliate program opportunities which many people use to earn a good income. You will need a little know how on not just how create your own website, but how to create a website which actually gets visitors who are then called to action. Affiliate programs mean that you earn a payment every time somebody buys something through a link on your website – take a look, there are loads to go at, with Amazon offering one of the best known affiliate marketing programs. Clickbank offers a popular affiliate program.
    • Work at Home Writing Articles – you can get paid to write articles for other people, you can write your own articles and post them on sites which help to increase your online presence and eventually make some cash. You don’t need any formal qualifications to work at home writing articles, but you do need to make yourself work . . . the articles don’t write themselves you know.
    • Work at Home Using Auction Sites – auction sites are big business, and there are plenty of people who work at home and make a tidy living selling stuff on auction websites. Why not try your hand by selling some of the stuff you’ve had hiding at home for years . . . one mans junk is another mans treasure.
    • Work at Home Without a Computer – allthough computers have really opened up the world of home working, there are also plenty of things you can do which don’t involve computers and high speed connections. How about making cup cakes, walking dogs or knitting socks for the local Christmas fayre. See, the possibilities are endless.

Just use your imagination and think outside the box, and you’ll soon realize that there are many different opportunities to work at home and make some money.


Working at home does have many benefits; you can work when you like, for as long as you like, you can work in your pj’s and you don’t have to worry about missing the last bus into town which will make you late for work. However, work at home does not suit everyone, you need more than a little self discipline to actually make yourself get to work each day, and you might also miss the friendly banter which you have when working in an office or shop environment. You’ve also got to re-train your friends that just because you might be home all day, it doesn’t mean that you’re available for long chats over coffee whenever they feel like dropping by.

Alright, I’ll be there in a minute . . . there’s coffee in the pot just help yourself.


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